Spring/Summer 2021 – Chopin Avenue Piano Competition Videos

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Group A

3rd Prize – Ethan Yin (USA)

3rd Prize – SIO IOI Cheng (Macau)

Group B

2nd Prize – Si Eun Kim (Korea)

2nd Prize – Suppakrit Payackso (Thailand)

3rd Prize – Hyelin Wang (Korea)

Group C

1st Prize – Hinako Ito (Japan)

2nd Prize – Motoka Sugimori (Japan)

2nd Prize – Arianna Salvalaggio (Italy)

3rd Prize – Hamzah Johannes Hattingh (New Zealand)

3rd Prize – Emmeline Chloe Hadeli (Indonesia)

Group D

1st Prize – Mo Yu Him (Hong Kong)

1st Prize – Michelle Wang (USA)

2nd Prize – Seoho Yoon (Korea)

3nd Prize – Rihito Yamada (Japan)

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Group E

2nd Prize – Leonardo Zhou (USA)

2nd Prize – Yugun Jeon (Korea)

Group F

1st Prize – Anzhela Lypynska (Ukraine)

2nd Prize – Nayla Arifa Salwa (Indonesia)

Group G

2nd Prize – Eric Junpyo Jang (Korea)

2nd Prize – Hyeon Seo Ji (Korea)

3rd Prize: Ichiha Masunari (Japan)

3rd Prize – Ryu Lawden (Indonesia)

Group H1


Group H2


1st – Seok hyun Seo (Korea)

2nd Prize – Yuzuki Kijoma (Japan)

3rd Prize – Nathan Davison Sayogo (Indonesia)

3rd Prize – Thomas Eowyn Gondokusumo (Indonesia)

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