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what did we do ?

We went to Poland and …

we took piano masterclasses with an amazing Professor Bronisława Kawalla at Fryderic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw,

we performed concerts in Warsaw and in Kurozweki Palace. Polish audience are great. We also played for fun at the “play me piano” at the Chopin Airport 🙂

we attended Chopin concerts in Lazienki Park and at Warsaw Old Town. These were great. Then we saw Metro – a spectacular musical by Studio Buffo. We didnt understand a word but music and performance-wise it was fascinating,

we did a great deal of sightseeing in Warsaw, Krakow, Wieliczka Salt Mine and saw splendid castles, palaces, parks and even a house where Chopin was born in Zelazowa Wola,

and the Polish cuisine ? Yummy!!

Join us next time!

Why we do what we do?

We conducted an Impact Study and here are some Results:

– All participants gave highest score to Professor Kawalla, who became their great teacher and inspiration.
– The participants improved their performance skills, broadened their horizons and raised professional qualifications.
– All participants would recommend others to join the festival.
– Students enjoyed both learning and visiting places of interests such as Chopin’s museum or Chopin’s house in Zelazowa Wola,
  which allowed them to further understand the composer’s culture.
– All participants valued the acquired technique, knowledge of Chopin and music interpretation skills gained from the festival
  as equivalent to a semester or a full year’s worth of coursework.
– All participants stated that the concert experience they gained on Polish stages will significantly improve their future concert skills.
– Participants also improved their communication skills and confidence.

“The program and concerting environment turned out better than I expected!”


We change cultural perceptions

Bringing Artists to the World and the World the to Artists.

“Absolutely recommended! It is a great advantage to be able to learn Chopin’s piano music at Chopin’s birth place.”


“I was most satisfied with the ability to play concert in various places”


Summer Festival 2022

– waiting for you

Summer 2022