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For All Participants:

Memorization: All pieces must be memorized, except for those in the piano duo category.
Dress Code: Appropriate concert attire is advised for all participants.
Age and Identity Verification: Participants may be required to present their identification document before performing to confirm their birth date, name, and last name.
Age Accuracy: Misrepresentation of age will lead to disqualification.
Multiple Categories: Participants can apply for more than one category. However, separate applications are necessary for each.
Memorization Requirement: If specified, pieces must be played from memory.
Duo Age Criterion: For duo categories, the older participant’s age is considered during application.
Jury’s Decision: All decisions made by the jury are final.
Terms Subject to Revision: Be aware that rules, awards, and the judging panel might be revised without prior notice.
Promotional Activities: Winners and participants may be asked to partake in promotional events.
Copyrights: All recordings, photos, and videos from the competition are the property of the organizers and may be used as deemed appropriate.
Registration Fee: This fee is non-refundable.
Awards Discretion: The jury may choose not to present certain awards if they deem no participants qualified.
Feedback: While marks and comments won’t be distributed, participants can opt for a paid Zoom session with the jury head for feedback.
Primary Round Registration: All participants must register for the primary round. Only those qualifying for the final round will receive an email with instructions for final round payment.
Communication: If participants don’t receive any email before the competition, they should check their spam folder or contact us via our social media channels.

Additionally, For Online Participants:

Instrument Selection: Participants must perform on an acoustic piano, either upright or grand.
Video Recording Guidelines: The participant’s face and full body must be clearly visible during the performance. The recording should not be older than 6 months.

Additionally, For Offline (In-Person) Participants:

Sheet Music: Participants should provide a copy of their score for in-person events. This will be returned post-performance.
Scheduling: The schedule for in-person competitions will be shared a month in advance. If participants can’t attend, an online option is available.
Audience Policies: The audience may or may not be permitted at the physical venue.
Dress Code Reminder: Participants are expected to wear proper concert attire.
Recording Restrictions: No audio or video recording is permitted during the competition.