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Chopin Avenue Summer Festival in Poland 2023

21 June – 2 July 2023

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Our festival is growing year by year. The 2023 edition is going to bring new activities and surprises.

Start planning today as we are happy to invite you to take part in our 2023 Summer Festival in Poland.

Come to Poland, take classes, attend concerts, perform in concerts, visit Chopin’s home and learn about his music and culture. There are many more attractions, experiences and activities waiting for you. At the final concert you will also be awarded a participation certificate.

Highlight Video of Summer Festival 2019.

Happy 2019 and 2022 Participants

They came, they learned, they performed

Thank you for everything you organized during this wonderful festival and concerts for gifted and talented kids. We are very happy to let my son  join you all. He’s very lucky one who got so wonderful friends from around the world. We hope he can play on the same stage somewhere someday again. Thank you for your friendship and kindness while we were together in Poland. Thank you for giving us unforgettable memories!
We are looking forward to seeing you again! We miss you so much!

2022 Participant

Thank you everyone of you who inspired us so much! We had a great great great time in Poland, wish you all the best, and hope to see u again! Keep in touch❣️

2022 Participant

Thank you very much for organising the music festival that allowed us to have such a special and memorable experience and trip together. We both love Poland and will definitely return many times in the future.

We are so grateful for all the work and time you put into organising the festival to allow us opportunities to meet other international and talented musicians, practise in a music school, attend classes with music professors and to perform in a concert hall. The experience has definitely inspire and motivate both of us to improve and continue with our musical journey. We have enjoyed every part of the festival and treasure new friendships made.

Congratulations on the big success of this music festival. Your work is very meaningful and we feel blessed! Thank you so much again.

2022 Participant

“I was most satisfied with the ability to play concert in various places”

2019 Participant

“Absolutely recommended! It is a great advantage to be able to learn Chopin’s piano music at Chopin’s birth place.”

2019 Participant

“The program and concerting environment turned out better than I expected!”

2019 Participant


Tailore made program to give you best experience in a week

The 2023 Chopin Avenue Summer Festival will begin in Warsaw, Poland. With participants across the globe in mind and the need to adjust to the time zone, the first two days will offer a relaxing atmosphere and trips to cultural and historical sites. We will start with visiting Zelazowa Wola – Chopin’s birthplace and his home where he grew up. The trip will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Chopin’s childhood and allow you to better understand, interpret and express his feelings and emotions.

We will then explore Warsaw’s old town which hosts multiple Chopin’s mini landmarks including the Church where his heart is resting.

On the second day, still in Warsaw, we will visit Lazienki Park where Chopin’s Open Air Concerts are held on Summer Sundays. You will see the remarkable Chopin monument and listen to his music performed by renowned Polish and international artists. On the same day afternoon, we will visit Chopin Museum in Warsaw where you will learn even more about his music, see original notations and other incredible exhibits.

Warsaw is a place of multiple venues where Chopin music is performed every evening. You will be able to attend some of the concerts in your free time.

On the morning of the third day, we will travel down south to Katowice – The Unesco City of Music. Katowice will be our base for learning and for accessing other cultural and historical places with purpose of sightseeing or concerting.

You will have a chance to do a lot of sightseeing and activities in your free time.










Play at concert and receive your Concert Video Recording for Youtube


Listen to local musicians perform


Experience Chopin’s culture visiting his Home and the Museum.
Visit amazing palaces, castles and parks for inspiration.

We also conducted an Impact Study and here are some Results:

– In 2019, all participants gave highest score to Professor BronisĹ‚awa Kawalla, who became their great teacher and inspiration.
– The participants improved their performance skills, broadened their horizons and raised professional qualifications.
– All participants would recommend others to join the festival.
– Students enjoyed both learning and visiting places of interests such as Chopin’s museum or Chopin’s house in Zelazowa Wola,
which allowed them to further understand the composer’s culture.
– All participants valued the acquired technique, knowledge of Chopin and music interpretation skills gained from the festival
as an equivalent to a semester or a full year’s worth of coursework.
– All participants stated that the concert experience they gained on Polish stages will significantly improve their future concert skills.
– Participants also improved their communication skills and confidence.

Try once, you will want to come back again!

live it to the fullest!

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