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  1. Eligibility – Provide CV, Provide Photo which can be used in online and

offline publicity, be able to travel to HK for finals (if qualifies)

– we need to make application form. So will search and write then send you.

Because I do nothing for all day.

2.Age Group:

  1. a) Group A: age 6-7 years
  2. b) Group B: age 8-9 years
  3. c) Group C: age 10-11
  4. d) Group D: age 12-14
  5. e) Group E: age 15-17
  6. f) Group F: age 18
  7. g) Group G: age 19-23
  8. h) Group H: age 24-28 Adult
  9. Schedule

November Preliminary online audition  and 200 miles from seoul , they can

apply for online audition.

Same day: Live Audition in Seoul, HK  

Early December- Hong Kong – Final (Nobody do final 3months after)

Need to discuss which month is better.

  1. Fees – Registration Fee USD 100

Registration fee does not cover any extra costs such as traveling expenses,

meals, etc.

-Until group C: it is 100 USD

-From group D to F, it is 120 USD

-From group G to H, it is 150 USD

  1. Prize

-for Seoul live, we need to make money with application fee. So give them

small trophy for each group 5, but need to decide who can go to final later

who want to go to final they need to go to our piano festival.

-Prize in final: each group we need to choose 1,2,3 rd .

1 st : 200 usd, concert opportunity

2: 100 usd, concert opportunity

3: concert opportunity

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Between group F to H,

1-300 USD

2-200 usd

3- concert opportunity

we can choose only one person. Who is the best. Then we can say , we

support 500 Usd and half discount for our piano festival with diploma

  1. Judges 

October – Preliminary online audition    ? Kate, Filip, my friend, ask to polish

prof. like prof, kawalla

Seoul, HK live –Kate, Filip, My friend

March – Hong Kong – Final Kate, Filip, If it is possible, embassodor in HK, and

ask to HKU professor to join(he or she will be happy)

  1. Requirements / Repertoire

October – Preliminary online audition – Submit WHAT AND HOW LONG

-For online audition, full length of music. They must play music until the end

with memorization.

What they have to play: depends on age group. It is different.

  1. must play one Chopin music (Norturne or waltz or other Chopin music. But

don’t over 8 min. until age group C)

2.One movement of sonatine or sonata

like this I have to write another paper for this.

Early December – Seoul, HK live: we can say we may cut in the middle of


March – Hong Kong – Final Play . we have to hear all length of music.

For Final: One Chopin music and one free music .

Depends on age group; need to write how long.

Piano competition.docx

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