Chopin Avenue Summer Festival 2021 has just concluded with an online concert streamed live.

During the concert, participants from Hong Kong SAR, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Czech Republic and Russia performed pieces by Chopin and other classical and contemporary composers.

Unlike previously, this time the Summer Festival was held online, which facilitated its international reach. It featured renowned educators from Poland, South Korea, Latin America and the United States. Students participated in workshops, lessons, lectures and master classes improving not only their piano technique and performance skills but also learning more about Polish history, geography and culture. The interdisciplinary syllabus enhanced their understanding of Chopinโ€™s feelings throughout his music and enhanced studentsโ€™ piano performance and interpretation skills that previously lacked the Polish element.

Chopin Avenue initiative focuses and prides itself on promoting Polish history and culture through the sounds of Fryderyk Chopinโ€™s music. By now, the tunes and educational voices of Chopin Avenue reached over forty countries on four continents.

Although the Covid pandemic has had an immense impact on the world of music, it also brought numerous opportunities for artists and performers. Driven by innovation and experience, Chopin Avenue guides young artists across the education and performing arts spectrum in an earlier unimaginable way.

Encouraged by the young artists interest and engagement, the Consulate General of Poland, together with Chopin Avenue, are now inviting all piano lovers to participate in the upcoming Chopin Avenue International Piano Competition – Autumn 2021 – Online Edition.